Helping organizations manage and optimize their physical, digital, and financial assets.

As companies grow their operations and improve their performance, physical and digital assets increase along with inter-connected working processes. With thousands or tens of thousands of assets, structured processes and artificial intelligence are incorporated for large-scale operations and managing fleets of assets.

Criterium Group helps organizations optimize their assets and how they’re utilized to run a lean, low-cost operation.

Our Solution Spotlight

Physical Asset Management: We plan, optimize, execute, and track individual and collective assets in an organization to optimize their quality and utilization throughout their full lifecycle

Digital Asset Management: We organize, store, and retrieve big datasets to enable companies to better utilize their existing digital assets

Predictive Management: We apply artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to drive value from data and help managers be proactive instead of reactive with their scheduling, maintenance, and replacement of corporate assets

Sustainability: We manage assets to operate more efficiently so companies can access low-hanging fruit for improving sustainability and lowering their emissions and energy consumption

Assurance: We validate existing asset management processes and ensure operations are optimized


A sample of our credentials

Developed key performance and quality measures and addressed critical organizational effectiveness issues for waste water facilities

Provided municipality recommendations for changes to building condition assessments and other key processes

Built a roadmap and execution plan for the immediate upgrade of municipal facilities

Facilitated development of asset management strategy for a large municipality

Gave guidance on IT systems selection and implementation for city assets


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