Helping companies use advancements in technology and software to boost operational performance.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are critical tools which companies can use in their businesses. They are the power to analyze and learn from large amounts of data and multiple sources to detect patterns and make future trend predictions. Organizations benefit from predictive analytics to make decisions about production, marketing, and development.

Criterium Group works with companies to help find better patterns based on past data to predict future events by using data analysis and by making assumptions / predictions that are beyond human capabilities.

Our Solution Spotlight

Artificial Intelligence: We apply AI to organizational issues to improve operating efficiencies, evaluate systems, and boost productivity.

Machine Learning: We gain insights by using algorithms for more accurate analytics and solve complex data-rich business problems.

Data Science: We analyze big data to derive more meaningful insights, better predictive analytics, and data-driven decision making.

Assurance: We ensure that companies are best using their data to maximize corporate efficiencies.


A sample of our credentials

Built Monte Carlo simulations to estimate range of economics for energy projects

Created dynamic, scenario-based payments strategy pricing model

Showcased an AgTech firm’s value in the ESG and sustainable finance space

Complex multi-variable economic analysis of a petrochemical facility


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