Helping companies improve and optimize their operations to deliver their products effectively.

By adopting a continuous improvement approach, companies are making a commitment to identifying issues in processes to limit the likelihood of errors and improve overall efficiency.

Criterium Group helps companies improve their business operations, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, decrease costs, create  competitive products & services, and lower employee turnover.

Our Solution Spotlight

Workflow Management: We ensure the processes and coordination of tasks that make up an organization are streamlined and optimal for business operations.

Process Reengineering: We redesign core business processes to realize improvements in productivity and efficiency.

Robotic Process Automation: We deploy and manage software that emulates human actions to automate processes.

Lean Six Sigma: We leverage team efforts to systematically remove costs and reduce variation to improve efficiencies.


A sample of our credentials

Developed customer onboarding process, including feedback loops for continuous improvement for public open banking firm

Setup stakeholder engagement process for digital payments rollout

Formalized process for determining donors to approach for global charity

Suggested changes to organizational design and training for municipality

Implemented workflow management systems to large municipality


Our Latest Thinking

Continuous Improvement

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