We deliver solutions to some of the world's most important industries.

Criterium Group draws on over 20 years of specialized expertise working in a wide range of industries including financial services, energy and mining, health care and the public sector.

Energy & Mining

Oil & gas, mining, hydrogen production, petrochemicals, and infrastructure are undergoing some of the largest changes globally as companies adopt net-zero targets, new transition technologies, digitization, and workforce enhancements

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Financial Services

Through digitization, financial services is fundamentally changing, from payment’s modernization, online security, digital banking, platform utilization, privacy and personalization

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Public Sector

Public organization are often some of the largest and most complex organizations in a country and face public scrutiny, requiring extra diligence in their delivery

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Health Care

Private and public healthcare companies can always better and provide more affordable care through the application of technology, asset management and operational improvement

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